Textiles have been manufactured in Yorkshire for over 700 years. The grass covered hills and access to an abundant and fresh supply of water has meant that the Pennine area in particular has always been perfect for textile production. We are based in West Yorkshire, it’s heritage in textiles means there are many generations of the same families passing on their skills. We are the only company in our sector still manufacturing flooring in Britain, with over 80% of our manufacturing done at our two mills in Yorkshire. We also have a manufacturing base in India, producing a range of products that we are currently unable to product here, but all design is still done in the UK.

Yorkshire has been at the heart of the textile industry for generations
Soft water – ideal for the textile industry

Phoenox Textiles always stayed close to our Yorkshire roots, working with the loyal, skilled local people who have helped our business to sustain itself into the third generation of family ownership.

We continually invest in the mills to meet our needs as a modern textile business, from a state of the art manufacturing facility to a welcoming trade showroom.